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Hey, Eric Ko here, rural land investor/wholesaler.  I own and sell all my own properties, so no middleman involved, no commission fees.


Awhile back I was searching land for investment...hoping to find an ideal lot to build an off-grid vacation home for me and my family.  I had hardest time finding good deals because most properties were at or above market value, and the buying process was overwhelming with tons of unnecessary paperwork.   I was frustrated.  I knew it has to be a better way to buy land.


After lots of research and consultations with top industry experts, and many trial and errors.  I developed a system to help me acquire these rural properties in bulk and get them below market value.   So I started RuralNest.com to help others (like me) seek for their dream lots at an affordable price.  Buying land should be fun and exciting!


Since then I were able to help numerous individuals find their dream lots at rock bottom prices.  I've done all the ground work already :)  My goal is to provide the best solution for your rural vacant land needs. 


Let's explore our listings:

Arizona | Hawaii | California | Nevada | Utah  


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5455 S Fort Apache Rd Ste 108-105

Las Vegas, NV 89148

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