Off grid land for sale | Rural Nest

Property ID: AZ008

Navajo County, AZ

Massive 40-acre! Affordable and with Great Views!

Imagine building your off-grid home on a small hill overlooking beautiful landscape?  A 40-acre land perfect for alternative living style!
This huge acreage of land is only 15 miles from Snowflake, Arizona.  
Sunshine all year around with almost perfect weather, this land is ideal
for any weekend adventurer or off grid enthusiast. 
Land in the Snowflake and Taylor area are a lot more desirable
because of the interesting terrain and high desert landscape...more trees, shades, and desert flowers and cactus!



●    Walmart Supercenter Within 15 miles (for all your necessities)
●    Easy Drive Up Access
●    Wholesale Price 
●    Huge 40 Acreage
●    Beautiful Landscape
●    5,990ft Elevation